Data Studio is the tool used on Google Marketing Platform for data visualization. It became extremely popular among marketers in the past couple of years. The main reason for its popularity is that it is very extremely useful for building Google Ads and Analytics reports. Actually it is recommended to use Google Data Studio instead of Google Analytics built-in functions.

Data Studio is built for creating data visualizations without writing any code. Report configuration is done in the intuitive visual interface which gives an ability to change colours, styles, fonts, insert images, use different charts, etc. Data Studio makes it possible to combine data from multiple sources on one dashboard and use it to create dynamic reports.

I have used it a lot to create reports for my clients. Here are some examples of these reports.

Basic KPI's Dashboard for eCommerce site

This is a multi-page report that shows basic data on overall site performance, product performance and traffic sources. This is most useful for ecommerce businesses that focus on revenue and ROI metrics.

Please, note that this report is just a general overview of Google Analytics data and in case you need to dig deeper you may need to go and explore your data directly in Google Analytics.

Basic KPI's Dashboard for Heavy-content Site

This report is focused on metrics that are important for publishers. Though all of the publishers have different business goals it is nessesary to adopt the report for each business.

Sample Application Report

This is a report for a JavaScript appliction. The metrics that are visualized in the report are very application-specific.

Traffic Analysis Report

Traffic analysis is a live issue every for any online business and Google Analytics in the most helpful tool for it. You can get a large number of insights about your traffic in case your Google Ananlytics is configured correctly and the attribution is working fine (there are no cross-domain issues).

Ads Report

This report takes the data from Google Ads account but displays it in a smarter way. It is a good idea to use this report for daily of weekly overview of the Google Ads account. In case you find some issue in this report you will need to go directly into the Google Ads account and explore it there because this report is very generic.

CRO report

This report has a large number of pages that present the data story taken from the client's Google Analytics account. Many pages are created manually.

The CRO report differs in that it is not a regular report. Although one can play with the chart in this report there are also many pages that contain screenshorts wth some explanations. It is created not for a regular usage but for better understanding of the current situation with the site and it is supposed that the marketing and development team will take some action on this report.

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