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So why be part of this mobile payment ecosystem?

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Mobile is where consumers are spending the majority of their time. And while apps can be highly effective particularly with your highest value customers, they can also be costly to get started and maintain. Mobile wallets reduce the investment hurdle for businesses, not only acting as a lightweight app, but delivering quickly time to market. Businesses can interact with customers by using their favorite device — their smartphones — all without needing an app.

And when paired with an app, they can create a superior mobile engagement experience, providing additional convenience and flexibility. Additionally, they can be used as a channel to acquire new app users. With the ability to take customers from the pass directly to an app download store, businesses and brands can look toward mobile wallets as a mechanism to nurture future loyalists, culminating with a branded app download.

The simplicity of the pass is one of its greatest appeals for a business. There are literally dozens of use cases for mobile wallet items. Some examples include:.

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Notify users when they make it to the next level of your loyalty or rewards program. Instead of sending a code that can get buried in an email inbox, send a gift card wallet pass via MMS. Send weekly coupons tailored to your customers. Update your pass every week with new offers for superior customer service — no need to delete and download a new pass every week.

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Also, if desired, make it subtle. No change notification is required on the lock screen. The benefits of using a software solution are numerous:.

Aside from tapping on "Apply a pass template," you can hit the three-dash menu on the top left and go into "Pass Store" to view existing templates. Templates are sorted by popular, new, and any you have created. Tap on a template, and you will be asked to create a Pass2U Wallet account. You must do this if you want to use a template.

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However, it's not necessary to create your own. Once you create your account and the template is selected, depending on the type of card or pass, you may need to fill out information such as name, member number, telephone, website, member since, and more.

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The most important part is, of course, the barcode, which you can either type in or scan with your camera. Open the camera by tapping on the barcode icon under Barcode Code. Hit "Done" to create your pass, then hit "Add" to put it in your Wallet. If the card or pass you want to add doesn't have an existing template, use this option to open your iPhone's camera and scan for a barcode.

Once the camera opens, scan the code. If successful, a pop-up will appear that asks if you want to convert the barcode into Apple Wallet pass format. Hit "Yes," then choose a pass type. Fill out your card or pass.

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You can even change the color of the pass. Once you finish, tap "Done," and you can add the new pass to your Wallet. If you cannot scan the barcode for some reason, use this option to manually choose the type of barcode you wish to add and enter the number underneath the barcode on your physical or online card or pass.

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  6. Choose the correct type of barcode: Code most common barcodes , QR code, or Code 39 only available in pro version. Enter the code number and hit "Add to Pass2U Wallet.

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    If you tap on the empty space underneath "Event Location," a map will appear where you can enter the address of the event, if applicable. The address will show up on your pass, as a handy reminder. When you finish, tap on "Done" on the top right, then on "Add" to put the card or pass into your Wallet. Your final option is to scan a barcode from a screenshot in the Photos library on your iPhone. It's useful for cards, passes, and tickets that only exist online. Find the screenshot in your photos and the app will scan it and recognize the barcode. Tap on "Confirm" to continue.