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Purchases from Office Max earn you a 6 percent rebate, and some services advertising, web design will get you 15 percent cash back. Here are some other cash-back websites:. If you find yourself using the same hotel chains when traveling on business, check for a membership program that offers discounts. For example, Best Western Business Advantage members get perks including a rewards program, plus 10 percent off the best available rate. Also, when your employees use the membership, as the company owner you get 10 percent of all their points to use at your discretion.

The Choice Business Program gives members preferred corporate rates at more than 5, hotels around the world. Here are a few other hotel memberships that can give you either immediate discounts or points toward discounts and free rooms:. Some of the best discounts for hotel rooms are still found in highway coupon books. Look for these in gas stations near freeway exits. Pay attention to the fine print, though.

8 Best Coupon Websites in India

Sometimes the coupons are good only for certain days. AAA is known for its roadside assistance program, but also for the many places that give discounts for members. A typical hotel discount is 10 percent for AAA members. For example, they have arranged discounts of up to 28 percent on UPS overnight shipping, up to 40 percent off many Staples products, and 20 percent off ADP payroll processing services.

If you choose a good business credit card , you may get a signup bonus and points for purchases. According to TurboTax the cash back you receive is considered a discount by the IRS, and is not taxable as income. On the other hand, you are supposed to adjust the expense amounts claimed to account for the cash you earn, so cash-back credit cards can complicate accounting for tax purposes. One of the simplest ways to get discounts for your small business is to check any invoices you regularly receive.

Step 1. Research the market of daily deals websites

Many vendors, including insurance providers, offer a discount for early payment. Check all of your vendor contracts for these trade terms as well. And it may not be worth the trouble unless someone in the office is very organized and efficient in handling the details.

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Gift cards are issued by all of the major office supply chains and most of the restaurants where you might eat business meals. Use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share your deals. People like to save money, and they use the Internet to help them find the best deals. You can be a valuable resource for this market by creating an easy to use coupon or deal-of-the-day website.

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By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our. Home Business Ideas Ideas. By Leslie Truex. Affordable to start. All you need is a web host and domain name to start building your site. The programs you'll use to offer coupons are usually free to join. Quick to set up. Using a blog platform such as WordPress , you can have the foundation of a coupon site up in a matter of hours. Flexible to run. You can manage a coupon or daily deal site any time and anywhere. You can run it around a job or raising children, or while you're traveling the world.

Save big. Because you're getting deals early, you can save on your own purchases.

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Google vs. Bing vs. Facebook so you can see exactly how many sales each campaign generated. With a little bit of tech work, you can also use coupon codes to track — down to the keyword level of your search ad campaigns — which is critical for optimization.

How Online Coupon Businesses Deliver Value

On your Facebook fan page, you can offer coupons and discounts to your fans right through Facebook, or you can choose to use third-party apps. Instead of just offering a coupon to everyone, I think it's neat to reward your most loyal fans, as one company called Earthegy does.

The gemstone jewelry company offers discounts and promotions, but only to their top fans, which it determines through an app. Discount codes are great for tracking which sales channels are performing the best for you. For our Entrepreneurs Unpluggd events, we give our marketing partners unique discount codes to distribute, so we can see which channels refer the most sales and concentrate on optimizing those channels.

Use online discount or coupon codes to offer discounts to the first buyers. This creates scarcity, so more people take action quickly and move forward with their purchase decisions. A scarcity component drives the people who may be on the fence to take the leap. Many businesses make the mistake of simply using coupons to increase conversions. The bigger opportunity is to utilize them to also learn more about your customers' behavior along the way. Create unique codes to be used through a variety of channels, create custom codes for partners and then test different discount formats to maximize conversions based on real data.

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The problem with coupon codes is that you've jumped into the game of competing on price. That might not be a good strategy for service providers or those businesses with a unique product that is only distributed on their sites. However, coupon codes can be very smart for retailers that compete with other sites to sell the same items. Consumers today are programmed to find a deal, so discount coupon codes are a must-have for any online business. Our best coupon conversions come from a prominent tab labeled "coupon" on the left side of our homepage. When clicked, our email club sign-up form pops up.

Benefits of coupon websites for business

Customers can then submit their info. Shortly thereafter, they receive a discount coupon code via email. Late last year, we had pro athletes retweet a coupon code to their followers. Cumulatively, our discount went out to 2 million Twitter users. But our conversions from that campaign were less than our current strategy, which is to give a discount to anyone who asks. We encourage people to ask us for a code in our social media bios.

Our conversions are higher when people ask, rather than us doing the asking. Give your employees a handful of discount codes in varying increments, and let them surprise customers with them.