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You have to tailor your lease or rental agreement to that state's rules.

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You can easily find these on the LPA's website and then modify the lease agreement accordingly. Common changes are how much notice you must give for them to vacate, the maximum deposit you can collect, and notifications for entrance. Price your rental. You can check rental prices online through rentometer or Craigslist. Or you can ask a local Realtor, or call to find out what other landlords are asking for rent in the area. You may get more if you leave it furnished.

Just be sure you price it right.

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All of those extra months on the market eat into that profit or break-even point. Know your responsibility.

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If something breaks, you have an obligation and lawful duty to fix it, and immediately, if it affects the quality of life or poses as hazard. But, if the tenant just wants something upgraded, that isn't a requirement.

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You have to walk the line between having your tenant stay long term because you're easy to work with and paying too much for little things. You can let the tenant make upgrades that they pay for if you wish. What's more, it's okay to incentivize them to stay longer.

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  • 7 Steps for Fighting – and Beating – a Bad Landlord.
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  • Landlord/Tenant Rights;

Use the discount code below. Download a suitable tenancy agreement for use with the DPS which contains the prescribed information via our Tenancy Builder.

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