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Looking for a specific favor or sex act or perhaps you'd like you lover to consider a new bedroom activity? These coupons are a great way to give license to your lover. Click on a sexual coupon image below to personalize its background, title, and other features. Customer Testimony I love these coupons and I think they are great ideas. I can't wait for my wife to get them John - Colorado. All Nighter Love Coupon We've all pulled a few all-nighters, but we'll bet you've never had one like this. Tantalize your lover with the opportunity of an all-nighter that you both will be sure to enjoy.

Would you like this from your lover? Boobjob Love Coupon This love coupon doesn't involve cosmetic surgery, so it won't break the bank.

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Nonetheless, we're sure you and your lover will both be thrilled with the results. Admittedly, this will be more of a guy's favorite. Variation: Switch things up and have him play this game on you. You need: A squeeze bottle of honey and maybe some wet wipes nearby. How to play: Plant little dollops of honey on parts of your body that you want your partner to kiss. You could draw a little treasure map toward your underwear, or use the sticky markers to note erogenous zones he hasn't explored yet, like your toes or collar bone.

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Why: It's an easy version of getting food involved in your foreplay , and a more fun way of telling your partner what to do — like a softer, sweeter dominatrix. Variation: Try it with flavored lube, if you don't want food on your body. Honey's not just made for tea. Use this perfectly-named sticky condiment the next time you're looking to spice up your night.

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Type keyword s to search. Designed by Megan Tatem. American Artist. Stripped-Down Twister. Hasbro Twister Ultimate Game. What's Your Fantasy? What You Need: A hat or small jar or bowl , small pieces of paper, and a pen How to Play: Each of you will write down fantasies you have yet to share with your partner, be it having sex in a certain part of the house or trying out a new position. Maxdot Spiral Notebook.

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Keep a notepad and pen in your nightstand so you're always prepared for an impromptu game. Make Believe. Toysmith Fireman Hat.

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Time Bomb. You need: A clock or an egg timer. Colortrak 60 Minute Wind Up Timer. Blind Man's Buff. You Are My Prisoner. KissTies Set of 4 Ties.

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Naughty Girl. A soft, plastic brush is the best way to ease into this game. Beach Blanket Bingo.

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Close Shave. Board Games. MFKS Games. Keep your significant other on their toes all day long with this clever board game. Sexy Suits. You need: A deck of cards and a timer. Invisible Deck Bicycle. You might want to buy a new set of cards just for your nightstand. Hey, it's just an idea. Truth or Dare.

You need: Just you and your man. Lynne Stanton. If you need some inspiration or are feeling shy, use this game to get you started.

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  5. This Is War. You need: Just you, your man, and possibly a pillow. SmartHome Bedding. Agoky Furry Fuzzy Handcuffs. Follow the Honey. LoveSome Honey Bear.

    Girlfriend Makes 'Dirty Coupons' For Her Boyfriend To Use As He Pleases (Photos)

    Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From How to Have Sex. There are a few elements that may contribute to a home run. Swear words are inherently quite naughty, you would have to agree. There are varying levels of rude when it comes to swearing depending on your levels of tolerance. We have quite the collection of goods that are in some way swearing related. We've got most of your common expletives covered in some way or another with t-shirts, mugs and games aimed at naughty adults.

    Potty humour. It never really gets old, and here at Yellow Octopus we fully endorse a fart joke. We also endorse our large probably too large range of adult poo products. It wouldn't be a proper naughty gifts section without a bona fide adult sex contingency. We certainly don't stock anything that is offensive or pornographic, but there is some naughty stuff in there for couples. There's a lot of kinky stuff that is ideal for a fun and sexy Valentine's day. Some great examples of our naughty gifts section are the karma sutra playing cards and fluffy love handcuffs to spice things up a bit.

    Thinking of playing a little prank on someone? Shop for anything and everything dirty, naughty sometimes sexy , and outright cheesy. That friend or family member that likes to take the occasional trip to wrong town? Do you need something that packs a bit more of a punch than your stock standard beige gift? Find the perfect inappropriate gift for your inappropriate friend, family or colleague at Yellow Octopus. Find an innapropriate gift for under 20 bucks that is guaranteed to generate a few laughs between friends.

    Wanna make things a little saucy? You got a partner or friend you want to turn the heat up on a notch?