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The beautiful silver locket opens effortlessly and has an magnetic closure for easy application of the oil.


It is not however a light weight necklace as it is not dainty, But likewise it is not too heavy as to become uncomfortable. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. I am an avid essential oil user and use them daily. I use them because I love the smells and love how many therapeutic properties they have. When I was looking to get refills for my oils I found this set of three oils and knew it was perfect since it contained oils I used daily.

It came with a 10 ml bottle of lemon, a 10ml bottle of grapefruit and a 10ml bottle of peppermint. These are high quality oils and if you are looking at starting out using oils or if you are just looking to expand your collection these are great. I got these to try out and could not be happier with them. The peppermint is good for stomach aches, headaches, as Currently unavailable. I got one of these as a gift from a friend of mine. I was looking for something like this to help my daughter-in-law since she has been battling with migraines. I know that peppermint oil is great for headaches, but needed a way she could diffuse it without it causing any harm to the baby since he sleeps in her room.

The bracelet comes in two pieces as you can see from the attached photos. You hook the bracelet around your wrist, then you attach the center piece. The middle opens up so that you can slide in one of the many pads that it comes with inside. Since the top is open, you can apply the essential oil to the pad without having to touch the pad and get the oil on your skin.

In the photos, you can see that I tried it on first. I knocked a star See All Buying Options. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. I tried another brand before, and I had immediate headaches. With Aweganics, no headache, which is the most important. Also, knowing that it is organic, I think it is safer for the environnement and for inhalation. But, definitely not safe enough to ingest or to put it on the skin. The lavender one is a great smell, the frankincense is also good, the cedar wood one is the least good, but it depends on your taste.

Different from other buyers, I purchased this essential oil to make my own Braun shaver cleaning solutions. So, this bottle of lemon essential oil enable me to prepare ml of cleaning solution, which equals to around 7 cartridges of Braun shaver cleaning solutions. The scent of the lemon essential oil is great, and makes my cleaning solutions smell incredible.

Unfortunately, we humans tend to create rich, organic aromas from our bodily processes…and not always pleasant ones.

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Naturally people started to experiment. They found that flowers, essential oils and other natural substances could mask natural scents.

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Particularly among the upper classes, wearing perfumes became a mark of sophistication and power, and thus became inextricably linked to sexual attraction as well. By the medieval era, chemists had discovered ways to distil essential oils from flowers like lavender or bergamot, more or less the same technique that perfume factories use today. Perfumery became a specialist skill during the Italian Renaissance, then 18th century France, spurred by the growth of a middle-class market generally men who wanted to mask the stench of unbathed bodies.

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It was then that the modern classifications of perfume emerged. Consumers started to demand eau de toilette, eau de Cologne, eau de parfum and simple parfum, with varying compositions and uses.

Farmers grow and harvest crops with the right aroma and oil content, or animals are reared for their aromatic fats. These raw materials are carefully chosen, then transported to the perfume manufacturing centre. Now, the oils held by the flowers or herbs are extracted.

Several methods could be used here, including steam distillation, enfleurage the capture of oils from plants by storing them in animal fats , maceration leeching of oils from the plants that contain them or solvent extraction. Now comes the really skilful part. Their job is to assess the oils and aromas at their disposal, and then to mix them together into a finished product.

As they experiment, they carefully log the concentration of each ingredient and there could be hundreds in a typical scent. They also decide how much alcohol the ingredients will be mixed with the alcohol keeps the scent fresh. Finally, the scent will be aged - a process that can take many years for fine perfumes. The whole process is extremely intricate and, for the most elaborate scents, expensive. The modern fragrance industry has done a great job in expanding the range of scents and perfume varieties available to consumers, but the basic set of templates was laid down in the 18th century and includes:.

It usually features citrus notes, along with herbs like rosemary, oregano or thyme and is heavily marketed at a male audience. Much more complex in composition than Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette, perfumes almost always feature proprietary recipes, and we rely on intricate descriptions of their properties to tell them apart. Does the concentration of perfumes make a difference? For one thing, more concentrated perfumes tend to be more expensive as well.

However, many fragrance fans are happy to pay extra for more concentrated products. A single spray from a pedigree perfume on the wrist can last all day long, and the bottle as a whole will tend to last far longer as well. Citrus — Fairly self-explanatory.


Green — Herby notes that are generally derived from plants like lavender or bergamot, that are redolent of cut grass or cucumber. Aquatic — A relatively new classification that evokes the smell of the sea and relies on a synthetic chemical known as calone to achieve its results. Bright Floral — Scents that are dominated by flowers, which could range from roses and lilacs to violets, and geraniums. Also includes floral bouquets, with a variety of flowers in a single scent. Fruity — As the name suggests, evokes fruits like apples, strawberries, mango or currants not citrus.

Woody — Often incorporates essential oils from aromatic woods like agarwood or sandalwood. Fougere — Although fougere includes notes of wood, green or fruity tones, it deserves a place of its own. This base has a sharp herby and woody scent and is one of the most ubiquitous in the male perfume market. The balance between these notes will determine which notes are dominant, how rich the scent is and, to an extent, how pleasurable the perfume is to wear. Generally, the most obvious way to tell whether a perfume is suitable for men or women is via the marketing strategy of the company involved.

They realise that purchasing decisions are driven by masculine and feminine impulses, and market what can be very similar fragrances in different ways to male and female demographics. However, there are some fragrance notes that tend to appeal more to men. For example, leathery, woody, oceanic and strong notes will often be ideal for guys, while fruity, floral, light and fresh perfumes will have been formulated with women in mind. Again, there are no rules about this. You might be surprised by which ones hit the spot. The modern perfume market is full of different products, packages and offers and it can be confusing to select the right item from such a wide array of possible purchases.

Fragrance gift sets — If you have a favourite scent, you can often save money by choosing gift sets. These tend to include more than just the fragrance itself, coming with shower gels and items like after shave balms. Because of these added extras, they make a great festive or birthday gift for him or for her.

Travel fragrance gift sets — Some gift sets are specially designed for travellers, with individual fragrance bottles, along with much smaller travel sprays and skin balms to help rejuvenate jaded plane or train travellers.