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You mention bar codes starting with 5 or 9. All of my coupons manufacturer, store, and online start with zeros. Additionally, do I need to ask the cashier to double my coupons? January 31, at am.

  1. KMART Double Coupons Shopping Scenario!!?
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Coupon barcodes recently changed, but your coupons should double unless there is some wording on there that indicates they will not store coupons never double. January 20, at am. January 1, at am. Love all your posts! After several successful trips to my local ShopRite in CT with every coupon doubling , I decided to finally ask about their policy.

A bit backwards, I know. I was told that only 4 coupons double per day. They double coupons up to 99 cents every day. However, at the register, all 13 of my coupons doubled. December 1, at am. So I have a question, How do you ladies get a bunch of things free? How many coupons do you use? December 3, at am. Hi Christine. It has lots of resources that can answer your questions as you start on your couponing adventure.

FREEBIES + $0.44 for 6 Products @ Kmart Double Coupon Scenarios

November 21, at pm. Just hopped oh the coupon wagon…officially. I really just want to get the hang of everything and be able to go out and just save money while getting things that my family needs. I would like to link up with a few folks and learn all that I can. If there is anyone in Charlotte area that coupons please let me know!

Kmart Double Coupons - Crest Scope & Beauty Deal Scenario

November 21, at am. November 19, at pm. Hi, I am new to couponing. I live in the Las Vegas area, does anybody know any store thats doubles here? August 1, at pm. June 15, at pm. June 17, at am. May 5, at pm. May 6, at am. The store doubles the face value of the coupon only. April 2, at pm. February 6, at am.

I always take them with me to the store when I go. I shop at Meijer and they never seem to double my coupons do I have to ask them to doube them for me? Or use more of 1 of the same coupon? Any tips I can have would be awesome! Thanks everyone! At store with double coupon policies, the coupon should automatically double in value when scanned. Some stores double, some double up to a certain value, and some do not double at all.

January 16, at pm. Is anyone aware of stores in this area who will double or is this also the land of no doubling? January 2, at pm. January 3, at am. December 31, at pm. November 13, at pm. November 15, at pm. Ask customer service or a manager at your local grocery store to see if they have a program. October 23, at pm. Lots of great resources for you there. October 12, at am. I have heard that most stores in the Dallas area have stopped doubling coupons at all.

Is this true? If not, what stores still do offer double coupons? Not all regions, states, or stores double coupons. The best way to find out is to ask the manager of the stores you shop at. September 28, at am. August 6, at am. Most stores will allow you to use one coupon per item, even when the store sale is B1G1 free.

Every store is a bit different.

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  • July 16, at am. I had absolutely no idea what doubling coupons ment. So that you so so much for taking the time to help us clueless people out. June 26, at pm. June 27, at am. Hi Monica. Florida stores, as a general rule, do not double coupons at all. You can still get awesome deals, though, especially at Publix! June 13, at am. Thank you so much! I kept hearing this every where and I am about to start couponing very soon and I needed to know what this meant.

    It explained it perfectly!! It was so helpful! April 16, at am. Thanks so much! Hope this helps! February 10, at am. I want to learn more so if there is anyone in the Fort Dodge, Ames, or Carroll Iowa areas I am about in the center of those three cities please contact me to teach me how or show me the correct way to do couponing. December 25, at pm. I live in Orange County and the closest store to me is Vons.

    Kmart Double Coupon Event Starts 11/1- Here’s What You Need To Know Before Shopping

    I was told that Vons is not a great store to coupon with since they do not double coupons. I am looking at their coupon policy and it looks like they double up to. How will I know if the coupon will double or not? Will it automatically double when I scan my rewards card? November 15, at am. Can I use both if I buy 10 yogurts? November 16, at am.

    The Dollar General Coupon Policy

    Yes, Target will allow you to use 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 Target coupon per item, so your scenario would work. November 14, at pm. What if you have two coupons for the same product, i. Crescent rolls 40cents off and one for 50 cents off. Can two different coupons be used on one item?