Premium e cig coupon codes

If you are looking for a high end e-cigarette that is still affordable for everyday use, consider Premium Electronic Cigarettes.

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For years, Premium has had the reputation of producing some of the best quality e-cigs on the market with dozens of options for customization. They offer starter kits ranging from small pocket-style e-cigarettes to more advanced tank systems that allow you to use e-liquids to mix and match your own flavors.

Every Premium kit utilizes cutting edge vaping technology to give you big clouds of vapor and a satisfying throat hit. Now, we are pleased to offer you an additional discount on your next order with our exclusive Premium E-Cig coupon codes. Our readers love Premium because of the big selection of flavors.

About Premium Electronic Cigarette

We recommend that you explore some of the unique flavors that make Premium so popular. Vapers love the wild variety of cartridges, but the crowd favorite seems to be eHookah flavors like Citrus Twist, Mango Peach, and Double Apple. If you are looking for the perfect electronic cigarette brand to take your vaping experience to the next level, you simply have to try Premium! You will never get bored with so many starter kits and cartridge flavors to choose from.

Blu Cigs Discount Codes for 2014!

Use our coupon code today and place your order to start exploring the vast selection of Premium electronic cigarette gear. Later on, the company decided to be the very first E-cig brand to make their own liquids here in the US. They partnered with Johnson Creek, a famous juicer company in the US which is founded in This has helped make Blu cigs be the 1 selling E-cigarette as people now can guarantee that this brand has the highest benchmarks of quality and satisfaction.

In April , Lorillard, a big player in the tobacco industry which is the maker of Newport, Kent, True, Maverick and Old Gold acquired Blu Cigs marking the first foray by Big Tobacco into the rapidly growing electronic cigarette sector. With the acquisition, Blu cigs brand even become bigger and better. Let us look deeper into the world of Blu cigs now.

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While most E-cigarette companies tend to put efforts in creating different battery colors and styles, Blu cigs takes the other way and want their packaging and style to stay on the classy, simple and sophisticated approach. They only offer their products in black and white with a thin gold band and the stylish Blu logo. Blu Cigs offers three types of ecig starter kits.

Each starter kits has a charging pack that allows your E-cigarette to charge in a very convenient way.

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  4. Now you can charge your E-cigarettes while you are on the go. There are seven slots in each pack — five to store your cartridges, one for your spare battery, and one for charging. The social feature included in the Premium and Premium Blu cigs starter kits has been very popular in the e-cig world today. This social feature allow the pack to vibrate and flash whenever another Blu user is around 50 feet or less. This is perfect to meet new friends.

    As mentioned earlier, Blu cigs is the first E-cig brand to use US made flavorings in their e-cigarettes. This means that maximum flavor and performance can be guarantee.

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    The flavors ingredients are distilled water, USP-grade glycerin, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, and optional nicotine. Blu cigs have seven fantastic flavors: The Classic Tobacco which taste like real cigarettes. The Magnificent Menthol which deliver a cool refreshing aroma. The tantalizingly tangy, potent, punchy and sweet Cherry Crush. The exotic flavors of Pina Colada. The sophisticated Peach Schnapps.

    And the simple sweet Vivid Vanilla. These flavors are available in four nicotine strengths: Full-flavored: mg, Light: mg, Ultra Light: mg and Non-Nicotine: 0mg. Blu battery has the same size and shape of a regular cigarette which makes it the perfect option for transitioning to regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. It is ight and easy to hold between your fingers. The battery usually last around hours nonstop and should be charge for 2 hours. For people who wants a longer battery life, choose Blu ecigs Premium model.

    If you need any help about Blu ecigs, check out their website which are full of informative FAQ, ecig news, ecig updates, tips and many more. Coupon Codes

    If you need more help, you can contact them via phone, email or live online chat. Last but definitely not the least. Accessibility is what sets Blu ecigs apart from the rest. You can pretty much go to any busy streets and find a Blue cigs shop around.

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    8. They can also be found in gas stations, walmarts, etc. This make it convenient for people to buy refill cartridges and buy Blu cigs products. Yes you can also buy Ecigs online but it is also cool to be able to run out to store and grab a new pack. Blu cigs retail at a higher price than other brands. This is mainly because of their portable charging case included in all starter kits, which most brands don't have.

      So you still cut your cost of smoking to half. Furthermore, Blucigs have a reward program for their loyal customers where in everything you buy and do corresponds to points.