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A short change artist could easily "politely" yet very firmly snatch it and say he has a smaller bill to pay with which is the most common form of short changing someone. You don't need to do all that counting out loud either. Even if your mental math sucks, one transaction at a time will save you every time. Talking more in regards to CS now, where breaking bills and making change is allowed. These people know exactly what they are doing and how to trick you.

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I would rather be safe than sorry. I agree. I would not leave money out in the open like that.

Great deal on Pillsbury Place&Bake Brownies at Publix

At most I would lay it to the side on the till but not In the drawer. Its called CYA - You have the bill on the scanner until the drawer opens instead of your hand, You out it in the drawer BEFORE you give the change, You count out loud because of CYA when the customer tries to swindle you and you heard yourself and other customers heard you say it the amount. Any advice on coupons? Take your time, make sure you spread your coupons out so you have an idea how of the same coupons are together.

Group publix and manufacture coupons together of the same idea. If any coupon is 5 dollars or higher, make sure you ask an office staff, cstl or mananger if it'a okay. Also remember you will never get in trouble for helping the customer.

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If a fake gets through once in awhile it happens, we rather take the lost than accuse someone of fake coupons on the off chance they are legit. Cake Day.

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  • Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Cashiers - Tips for cash handling - There are lots of great places to find Publix coupons!

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    • These will include Publix coupons:. The Baby Club -you need to sign up for this one if you have little ones or are expecting! And, the coupons that they send in the Baby Club are often Publix coupons, so you can stack them with manuf. Coupons for really sweet deals!

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      The Preschool Pals Club — this is for your Preschooler. They will send out money-saving coupons and little gifts to your toddler.

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      The Pet Club- this is the newest club that Publix offers. They provide money-saving coupons for those of you who are animal lovers! Publix rain checks are valid for 30 days from the day that they are issued. When this happens, the register will beep and state that you have exceeded the coupon limit.

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      The manager can override this or, I find it best to have a few filler items to cover this. A bulb of garlic, package of Ramen noodles, tomato, etc… in my opinion, this really avoids a headache in the long run! Ask at the CS desk to make sure. If an item rings up at a different price from what is on the shelf, you will get that item for FREE.