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If you do run a gift with purchase promotion, be sure to let shoppers know that the free item will be included in the order.


To track things on your end, create a unique promo code for this offer. A threshold offer is a promotion that is only accessible if the shopper has a cart size higher than a certain threshold.

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This can help increase order sizes and convert more sales. It can be difficult for some businesses to offer sales promotions without it digging into profit margins. However, by using thresholds, most brands can offer a discount or free shipping promotion in a way that benefits their business. For businesses who want to run promotions but have low-profit margins, threshold promotions are the way to go.

Contests are an incredibly effective way to drive engagement and email sign-ups.

Running a contest is simple! Offer your visitors a chance to win a big ticket item or bundle by entering their email address. This can be one of your products or something else, but it must be something that your ideal customer will be interested in. If this is the case, send a followup email to all entries who did not win with a promo code to use on your site. Contests are perfect for businesses who want to convert a higher percentage of new traffic arriving on their site.

Since a high ticket item is attractive, many new visitors who are interested in your products will enter their email for a chance to win. This is a perfect way to boost lead conversion from Facebook ads and other PPC advertising. Content is an excellent way to interact with shoppers and you can use it to your benefit. A gated content promotion allows you to incentivize shoppers to enter their email to gain access to an attractive piece of marketing content. This could be a style guide, recipe book, photo journal, and so on.

Here are more ideas and details on gated conten t. Shopify provides a great framework that allows you to create codes that can only be used in certain situations. Shopify lets you choose how many times a specific coupon code can be used.


Select from unlimited, a specific number, or limit one use per customer. Create promo codes that will only be valid during certain date ranges. This enables you to set up holiday and sale promotions with ease. The Price Rules API allows retailers to dynamically create discounts with multiple conditions that can be applied at checkout to cart items or shipping lines via a discount code.

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This update gives retailers much more flexibility with discounts and promotions. At this time, these new price rules are not built into the basic discount codes creator and do require custom coding. Two of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment are price shopping and coupon hunting. If you can offer a coupon on your site, you eliminate both of those problems. Now you have an unhappy shopper. The simplest and most effective way to drive sales with your Shopify coupon codes is through the use of on-site promotions.

Think email pop-ups, sales banners, and exit pop-ups on the cart page. You have control over your discounts and coupons, so use them in your marketing campaigns! Use email pop-ups, banners, slide-ins, and exit pop-ups to distribute Shopify coupon codes. We believe in providing every business, no matter what size, with every option to optimize your marketing campaigns! This free and instant analysis of your website performance will show you what Justuno can do for your business.

Skip to content. May 25, But what changed? Why should I use coupons? Key store owner benefits of using discount promotions.

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Promotions increase sales E-commerce promotions capitalize on online consumer behavior which makes it easier for you to sell to shoppers despite how much competition is out there. Promotions create a better sales strategy. Promotions are an effective way to engage people. Common types of discount promotions to run on your Shopify store. Percentage-Based Discount. Who should use this offer? Dollar Amount Discount. Free Shipping Free shipping is by far the biggest sales driver throughout the year. Gift with Purchase Offering a gift with purchase is a great way to add value to the shopping experience while also driving sales.

Threshold Promotions A threshold offer is a promotion that is only accessible if the shopper has a cart size higher than a certain threshold. Non-discount promotions that work too. Gated Content. Creating coupon codes on Shopify. Types of promotions you can run: Dollar Amount Discount Percentage Discount Free Shipping Under certain conditions: All orders: Coupon code applies to all orders Orders over: The discount applies to orders over a set nominal value Collection: The discount applies to a chosen collection of products Product: The discount applies to a chosen product Product variant: The discount applies to a chosen product variant Customers segment: the discount applies to a chosen group of customers from your customer lists Usage Limits Shopify lets you choose how many times a specific coupon code can be used.

Date Range Create promo codes that will only be valid during certain date ranges. Take control of your coupons. Distribute coupon codes with on-site promotions. Use the best. Download Justuno for Shopify. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Share on reddit. Share on email. Is it possible to provide Bogo deals? You can provide buy 1 get 1 offers in your store.

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If I have one or more rules for the same product, which will be applied? In that case, the rule with the higher priority will be applied. Are there any limit for the number of rules? What happens after my PRO license expires? What is your refund policy? Can I set discount based on Billing Country and City? Had a problem with a plugin conflict. The dev team responded quickly and professionally. They created a hotfix and got us back up and running. Exemplary CS. Thank you. We used the free version of this plug in for a while which works well but we then wanted to have more complex sales so purchased the pro version.

Content Egg - all in one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, Deal sites

It has been great so far, the scheduling works as it should a problem we had with another plug in! Fast, responsive support had helped me troubleshoot an issue with the discount rules I set up. Appreciative of the support team. Had some minor formatting issues caused by customisations in our theme, and support were excellent.

Responsive, helpful, knowledgable and fixed all our problems. I have been amazed by the friendly, fast and efficient support. Highly recommend these guys. Contributors flycart. Interested in development? Changelog 1. Feature — Bundle Set Discount option in price discount rules.

Improvement — Survey while deactivate the plugin. Improvement — Moved shipping country option under Customer shipping details in cart rules. Fix — Woocommerce Currency Switcher — realmag Compatible for you saved text. Feature — Duration option Last 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, days, 1 year, Custom in purchase history based rules. Improvement — Include variant while parent product is selected in Purchase history based rule. Improvement — Not to trigger ajax for loading discount table if table is disabled.

Improvement — Dynamic strikeout improvement to change the price for variable product header price while having single price for all variants. Fix — Not displaying sale price with strike out because of sale adjustment handled by Woo discount plugin.