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There is audio included as well. The platform seems much more fitting for children than adults. It still may be worth checking out though. Chinese Learn Online is an online platform providing progressive Chinese lessons across several levels. The website and app feel very dated and in need of a major upgrade. There are much better products priced similarly. Read my full review of Chinese Learn Online. Hanzi Grids lets you create custom Chinese character worksheets and grid paper templates that you can download and print out for handwriting practice.

This is a useful free tool to help you improve your Chinese handwriting.

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The Drops app has an exceptionally smooth and well-designed interface. It focuses strictly on vocabulary and can be used for free for up to five minutes each day. This site has quite a few articles that you can sort by topic or HSK level. You can also see what percent of the text is at each HSK level. You can add your own text or analyze it to see the corresponding HSK level of each word. This site has a bunch of texts available to read or download from many different genres. You can choose whether or not you want to show pinyin and characters. You can also do similar exercises for learning to hear the different initial and final sounds.

This site provides practice reading material. Many stories explain vocab and difficult translations. Some have audio as well. There is a diverse mix of articles ranging from songs, history, science, biography and more. This website has quite a few articles focused on diverse topics. Many can be quite lengthy and difficult, but interesting to read. There are usually translations in English, and often times other languages as well. Zhongwen: Chinese-English Dictionary for Chrome is incredibly useful. You can use it to make reading Chinese online much more manageable.

Tencent Video is one of many Chinese websites for streaming TV shows. But, it may be worth figuring out. A premium subscription is quite cheap as well. Ximalaya FM is a popular app for finding podcasts, radio shows, and more. As with many of the Chinese apps and websites, you may need to actually be inside China to use it.

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Perapera is a pop-up dictionary that works with Firefox. Put your mouse over any Chinese words on a webpage and it gives you the pronunciation and definition. You can save and export words for studying later. Frill is a pop-up dictionary for Safari. You can use it to hover over any Chinese word and see the translation. Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Unfortunately, it seems that the vast majority of the conversations tend to be in English.

The name explains what this podcast is about very clearly. It has a fairly large library of content and is still actively releasing new material. The podcast is entirely in Chinese so more suitable for intermediate or higher level students. The Chineasy book series and TED talk are very popular. This podcast is almost entirely in English. The episodes will focus on a Chinese word or phrase, often discussing Chinese culture and history. Lessons are typically from minutes long.

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Tandem is a language exchange app with over 3 million members. They make it easy to find someone to practice a language with. Speaky is a language exchange platform where you can find someone to practice a language is. That said, it still looks like a solid choice to find someone to start practicing Chinese with. China Sprout is a website that sells lots of resources related to Chinese culture and learning Chinese.

That said, there are a lot of products for adult learners as well. With HanziCraft you can look deeper into individual characters. For example, you can see how frequently a character is used, its decomposition, how many words use the same character, and examples. It covers a lot of material in relatively few pages. This means a lot of the content is lacking explanations and examples.

However, the practice exercises within the text can be very helpful. The low price point is a major advantage of this book. Yellowbridge is an online Chinese dictionary that has some extra features. You can search by English, character, or pinyin. You can also see related words with the same head or tail word, along with some additional features. Hanping is an android only dictionary that is comparable to Pleco with a lot of the same features. They also have widgets for your home screen and a soundboard to practice tones. I also really like their popup dictionary that you can use within other apps.

Zhonga is a unique type of dictionary. If you look up a word, you can watch short clips from TV shows and movies where the word was used. There are also lots of other example sentences as well. LineDICT is an online dictionary that has tons of example sentences with audio recorded. I also really like is that there are daily expressions and short conversations that you can read and listen to.

While it may not have as much information about individual characters as other resources, it makes up for it with examples. This podcast has a fairly large backlog of lessons with many of them labeled by difficulty level. Most last around ten minutes long but that can vary somewhat.

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I recognized one of the hosts from ChinesePod in one of the lessons I listened to. The structure of lessons is quite similar to ChinesePod as well. Chinese Text Analyser is a tool that helps you find content suited to your current vocabulary level and makes it easy to identify and learn new words. Sinosplice is an excellent blog focused on learning Mandarin Chinese. It was created by John Pasden.