Using UTM-Marks in Facebook

It is always important for the marketers to track the source of the traffic in Google Analytics. It is a very easy thing to do if you promote with the help of the Adwords. In this case it is enough to link your Adwords and Google Analytics accounts and all the data about traffic source, impressions, clicks and costs will be automatically imported into your Google Analytics property. But it you advertise with the help of other systems like Facebook you should use utm-marks to attribute your traffic correctly.

FReport — Facebook to Universal Analytics Cost Uploader

The Facebook Cost Uploader uses Google Spreadsheets and Google Script to extract cost, impressions and clicks data from Facebook Ads Manager and upload it to Google Analytics.

Having Facebook costs data in analytics allows to compare performance of Facebook, Adwords and other campaigns in monetary terms (advertising cost, return on ad spend, return on investment, revenue per click, etc.)*

*Facebook Cost Uploader imports only cost data from Facebook. Uploaders for other cost data can be developed on demand.