Collecting data is important but it does not bring much value to business until it is interpreted in the proper way. We help business to make sense of the data collected and use it to find roadblocks to revenue and improve online performance.

Analytics Ongoing Management and Consulting services involve partnership and collaboration with your own marketing team to solve any arising problems and helping your team to make data-driven decisions. Normally we devote 8 to 12 hours for monthly review of each analytics account and come up with a list of suggestions and improvement ideas.

Analytics ongoing management tasks include:

  • Technical review of analytics account and troubeshooting if needed.
  • Advanced traking features implementation that can bring valuable feedback on new marketing activities.
  • Creating new segments and views to have a close look at particular groups of users.
  • Ongoing reporting and creating reports for new marketing channels.
  • Detailed analysis on particular marketing activities.
  • Training and cosulting on best practices in using new tools and advanced analytics systems features.
  • Regularly-scheduled calls with your marketing team.

Working hand-in-hand we help our clients benefit by using advanced features of Google Analytics, Adwords and other marketing tools.