If you are looking for a CRO specialist to review your analytics to find weak spots in the store funnel and to create hypothesizes for improvement you are in the right place.

We can review your Google Analytics and the data from other marketing systems you have, analyze customer journey and create conversion rate optimization report will give you answers to the following questions:

  1. Where are the website weaknesses?
  2. Where are identifiable bottlenecks?
  3. Where should it be tested on the website?
  4. What are the key areas on the website that can be changed to improve conversion rates?
  5. How can product page performance be improved?
  6. How should the developers look at the website structure and flow through the website to improve overall performance?
  7. ... and much more.

Conversion Rate Optimization Report Structure

General trends

This section describes general trends found in Google Analytics: seasonality, dependencies on the day of week, hour of the day. Here we also check if the online business is growing over time or not.

Audience Insights

Highlight the performance of different segments of the site audience: men vs. female, desktop vs. mobile and tablet users, different age buckets.

GEO Insights

Explains what users from different countries and cities do on the site.

Traffic sources

This is one of the most important sections of the report. It compares the performance of different traffic sources.

How the users discover your site? What traffic sources bring high-quality traffic and which have lower quality? What are the reasons for high bounce rates for some traffic sources?

The section gives answers to these questions and some other questions about the performance of traffic sources.

Site Search Usage

Explains what the users are searching for on the site and if they find what they are searching for. The list of most popular search queries is listed here.

Customer Journey

Behaviour and navigation analysis can provide important insight and find drop-off points. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get many insights if you use did not customize your Google Analytics configuration.

In order to analyze user journey in detail, we recommend having 2 extra views in your Google Analytics: one for session hits before conversion and the other for session hits after a conversion, event tracking and HotJar or similar tool.

Customer Journey before Conversion

Explains which pages the users visit before they convert, how many pages the users visit before they convert, the number of sessions users have before they convert, etc.

Customer Journey after Conversion

Describes customer behaviour after conversion.

Usability Issues

Check the site for usability issues on landing pages, product pages, during the checkout.


Summary of recommendations from all the sections. In case you do not have time to read full report start with this section.

Hypothesis for testing

A list of things that should be tested on site.