Do you want to get most of your web analytics tools? Make sure that you do not miss any important data points that can contribute to understanding and optimizing your web usage.

Data points that are essential for most websites are listed below. All these data points can be send to any analytics system such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel.

Users performing these actions should be treated as leads.

This will help you to understand the points users navigate away from your website.

Technical problems can damage your overall site performance. That is why it is really important to track error pages and navigation pathes to these pages. Tracking problems in the first step in solving them.

Some javascript errors can prevent users from performing a conversion. Tracking can be configured to send information on javascript error together with the error message and page path on which the error occurs.

This can be used for goal configuration and analysis. Any information from submitted form can be attached to this data point. But one should keep in mind privacy policy of the tracking system (e.g. Google Analytics does not allow to collect any personal data about users: emails, credit cart numbers, etc.)

It is really important to understand if there is something that prevents users from form submission together with the reasons why they exit conversion funnel.

These are the most common events for tracking. With Google Tag Manager click events can be send to any web analytics system without making any changes to the source code of the website.

These events can bring you important insights on the content your users are most interested in.

Data Points for E-commerce Websites

Google Analytics enhanced e-commerce made it possible to collect get preconfigured reports for valuable information about product performance and user interactions during check-out. Full documentation on enhanced e-commerce features can be found here

But you need to keep in mind that same data points can be send to Mixpanel, Adroll, Perfect Audience, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Besides tracking a list of e-commerce events different kind of product attributes must be tracked at each data point: product category, manufacturer, type, size, color, etc. This information can be used for detailed analysis or building your audiences later.

Data Points for Content-Heavy Websites

Measuring engagement is the keystone for any content-heavy website. Normally it is not possible to measure the performance based on conversions such as registrations, form submissions or adds to cart. That why a variety of events needs to be measured here.

It is also a good idea to assign a value to each interaction event and use it to get engagemant rate value for sessions, traffic sources, etc. later.

Other Tracking Features