Troubleshooting Conversions Attribution Problems on Shopify Case Study

Conversions or transactions attributed to “direct” source is an issue for any digital marketing team. When you see direct traffic in your Google Analytics reports this does not really mean that all of these users came to your website from bookmarks or by typing your website url in browser (this happens very seldom indeed). It rather means that the traffic source could not be determined by Google Analytics or was lost while going through conversion funnel.

There are some widely-known cases in which Google Analytics cannot determine traffic source:

Analytics Tracking Features

Do you want to get most of your web analytics tools? Make sure that you do not miss any important data points that can contribute to understanding and optimizing your web usage.

Data points that are essential for most websites are listed below. All these data points can be send to any analytics system such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel.

Google Analytics Dashboards Tools, Products and Platforms

Dashboards organize your data in a meaningful way and turn it into a business tool that helps to keep an eye on KPI's and to point your business in the right direction. Custom dashboards make it possible to visually depict performance of a website, specific traffic source or a campaign at the desired level of detail.

There is a great variety of tools that can be used for dashboarding.